Wednesday, July 31, 2013

That Time I Got Really Really Lazy

My first 5k was in July of last year.
The second was in October.
I ran for awhile after that…
And then I do what I always do…..
I slacked off.

I didn’t have any races planned and I let myself fall back into my old, lazy ways.
And then winter came to Utah. Just in case you are not from Utah, I have to tell you that our November through February (sometimes as late as April) weather is not very conducive to running outside.
Especially not this last winter.
The temperature hardly got above freezing and there was no way I was going to drag my fat lazy self out to run in that!! 

I wasn’t that dedicated!!

I told myself I wasn’t really a runner anyway…..
I didn’t run the full 3.1 miles in my first 5k and I didn’t do it in my second either.

I was kidding myself to think that ME, of all people could actually run races. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

That Time I Pounded the Pavement

A few months after my first 5k, my brother and sister in law asked us if we would be interested in running a 5k called Pound the Pavement for Parenthood. Each runner who signed up got to enter a name into drawing for a couple hoping to do in-vetro. My SILs brother and his wife were really hoping to win and needed as many votes as possible.

How do you turn down such a cool race?!
So my mom, my sister and I all signed up to do it!!

I was more nervous about this race, mostly because I hadn’t been as faithful to running as I had been before! But it was for such a good cause that I couldn’t’ say no.

This race was both easier and harder than my first race.
Easier because they accidentally messed up the course at the very beginning of the race so it ended up being less than the 3.1 miles in a standard 5k.
Harder because there were SO many hills! And not just little hills, some of them seemed enormous!!!

It was still a fun race though and I had a good time.
Unfortunately, my SILs brother didn’t win the drawing. I felt really bad for them, but I would definitely do this kind of race again if it meant giving them another shot!
**These pictures are totally stolen from other people since my have completely disappeared!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That Time I Ran My First 5k

Last July my cousin-in-law (is that the actual term? I do I just call her my cousin? Or it is it do I say my cousin’s wife) posted something on Facebook about how she had just signed up to a 5k. I asked her asked her a little bit about it and found out it was going to be a nighttime race and she was signed up with my cousins. 
The more I started thinking about it, the more I wanted to do it. Not only was it a nighttime race, but it was GLOW IN THE DARK and it was on Friday the 13th! It just sounded so awesome!!

I talked to my mom about it and convinced her to do it with me. I originally didn’t tell my cousins we had signed up….. I sort of felt like I was crashing their family time and I didn’t want to impose!

I Googled a couch to 5k program and started going out on the Jordan River Parkway almost every day. I was slow…. SUPER slow….. I felt like little old ladies with walkers could keep up with me!!!

 But I forced myself to keep going.

The program was a 9 week deal. And there were only about 6 weeks until the race. I was SO afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it. My original goal was to run the whole race…. but then I realized that probably wasn’t as important as just running what I could and making it to the end.

I kept telling everyone about the race because it was going to be awesome! My sister in law signed up to run with us and so did my aunt.

We eventually told my cousins we would be running with them and I am SO glad we did. It turned out to be a blast!! There were 8 of us running and it was great to have other people cheering you on!
Everyone was really creative with their glow sticks! I even tried weaving them into my hair! The coolest part was probably our customized shirts!!
That's right!! WHAM!!!!!
Hayley and I were "HA"

The race began and I was so nervous, but also extremely excited.
I started to run…..
And I kept running….
And I even passed people!!

Before race day, I think my longest running streak had been a little over a mile.
On race day, I ran a mile and a half without stopping!
It’s pretty awesome what adrenaline will do!
For the last mile and a half I did a walk then run combo, but I made sure to save enough energy so I could sprint across the finish line!

It was an awesome feeling!! I had finished my first 5k!! I hadn’t run the whole thing, but I had run longer than I ever had before and I FINISHED!!
Me!! Crossing the finish line of my very first race!!

They gave out awards and my amazing mom was a medal in her age bracket!! Way to go!!
And my cousin and sister in law won in their age division!!
I was definitely on a running high!!!
I wanted to do more!! 


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Aftermath

After the Color Me Rad race, I went home to ice my left ankle and right knee. I kept ice on them all day and even put a brace on my ankle! Later that night, when I took the brace off, I was stunned to see that my ankle was even more swollen than it had been at the race!
I stayed off of it Sunday, hoping that would fix what ever the problem was! I would ice my ankle, while keeping a heating pad on my knee. Then I’d swap them.
It was Sunday that I started to get pretty worried about my knee. It was horribly painful to go up and down the stairs….. to the point that it almost brought me to tears! But I figured if I could still walk on it, it couldn’t be that bad!!

On Monday my parents convinced me to stay home and make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. I didn’t want to go the doctor because they were starting to feel a lot better. I figured I go in, they’d tell me I twisted my ankle and bruised my knee and send me on my way….. feeling like an idiot for paying $35 for that assessment!
But I went anyway, and I waited in the stupid doctor’s office FOREVER!! And by forever I mean it was seriously almost two hours before I saw the doctor!! When I finally met with her, she moved my knee all over the place and pushed on my ankle. I felt stupid, because they really were aching any more and I felt like I was wasting her time.

Then she sent me back for x-rays.

That’s when it got bad.

My left ankle was fractured……not good.

Then she showed me my right knee cap.
I’m no orthopedic expert, but it was pretty easy to see that
a piece of my knee cap had been chipped off….

Bad…. really bad.

And the appointment went downhill from there.
She put my in a huge stupid walking boot and told me to keep weight off of it for two weeks. It was that or put a hard cast on it for four weeks!
Then she started talking about locked knee braces. In my head I kept trying to picture how a locked knee brace would work out when I couldn’t put weight on my left leg and had to use crutches. Luckily, she decided a neoprene brace would work, giving me the ability to still bed my knee.

Like so many times during the race, I could feel the tears coming.
But I didn’t want to cry in front of this lady….. so I bit my lip and nodded as she gave me the rest of my instructions, which included no running for four weeks.

I made it all the way home before I completely lost it.

My Disneyland race was only eight weeks away and I wouldn’t be able to run for four of them. Which meant the chances of me actual running the race were slim to none.

Major meltdown!

I cried for a long time….
For the money I felt like I wasted……
For the unfairness of my stupid weak ankle……
For the fact that I had injured BOTH legs…..

My grandparents were at my house when I finally made it home from the doctor, which ended up being a really good thing. My dad and my grandpa gave me a blessing and I felt slightly better.
I realized I would have to be patient…..
And I would have to work really hard for four weeks…..

So now the countdown is on!! 
Being patient is tough!! 
If only walking weren't so hard!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Color Me Rad

My third 5k!!! 

I’d seen advertisements and pictures from people who had run the Color Me Rad race before and I thought it looked awesome!

When I signed up with my mom and my cousins, we did it under the team name M&M (Macks&Markus’), awesome right??
I was especially excited for this race because I knew I would be able to run the whole entire thing! My first two 5ks were a blast, but I did a lot of walking and I couldn’t wait to watch all of my hard work pay off!

Race day finally came and I was prepared with hot pink running capris, purple sunglasses and, of course, a white t-shirt! 

We parked downtown and started walking the one mile between the car and the starting line. We talked excitedly and decided we would all run together since it wasn’t time.

We were almost to the starting area….20, 30 feet maybe!
Then it happened…..

One minute I was up.

The next minutes I was down.

And I went down hard.

As a sprained ankle expert, I knew this wasn’t just a “walk it off” kind of injury. Not to mention my skinned knee and the scratches all over my arm from falling into a thorn bush.

My fantastic cousin had ibuprofen in her bag so I took some and decided to “man up”.
I limped the rest of the way to the starting area and found the first aid booth, hoping they’d have an ace bandage.
No such luck! I did get a nice big band-aid though for my bleeding knee!!

We were part of the 8:20 wave so we had a while before we started running. We took some pictures….

 And then made our way to the starting line.

It was then that I was very VERY unsure about running the race. My ankle AND my knee were throbbing. No… more like aching!
I could feel that it was pretty bad. Every step hurt and it took a lot of self control not to break into tears! 
But the music was blasting, colors were flying, adrenaline was pumping and everyone around me looked like they were having such a good time! Not to mention I had already paid for the race and my t-shirt was still white! So I resolved then and there to finish the race!

They counted us down and as soon as my toes touched the starting line, I started to run! For a brief moment I thought I could do it….. I thought I could run the whole race with my twisted ankle and skinned knee!
But after a few blocks I knew that would not be possible… and I had to walk.

We hadn’t even reached the first color station and I was in agony. And not only that, I was walking….. My goal had been to run the entire race and I couldn’t do it, even I wanted to!! Again, I was holding back my tears!

Luckily I have the world’s most fantastic mom! Instead of taking off and finishing the race in no time, she walked with me… The.Whole.Way! I was so grateful for her!!

We were pelted with green, orange, purple and yellow and the longer I went, the better I felt. As the end got closer I decided I wanted to come across the finish line running! It wasn’t very far, but I did it!

I had made it through the whole race!! Sprained ankle, bum knee, burning scratches and all!!